Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hi everyone! Thanks for e-mailing us your information and blog sites. It is really exciting to see where everyone is and what they are doing. Keep passing along this blog site so we can find everyone! The Classmates We're Still Looking For list has been updated, so if you know someone that's on that list, please let them know about the reunion and this site! We realize that there is a Freedom Celebration at Rigby Lake on July 3rd. We are still going to keep that date, but we will find another park for the picnic. We will let you know as soon as we know. We are still planning on a dinner in the evening as well. Thanks for your participation in the blog and keep e-mailing us those blogs and contact info. We will hopefully be seeing everyone soon! Have a Merry Christmas!


Natalie said...

Merry Christmas right back at you!

I think that it's a good idea to take advantage of the 4th of July holiday by having our get-together then.

However, I recommend that you make sure it doesn't interfere too much with some of the Rigby events simply because we may not get as many reunionites because of schedule conflicts.

Good luck with it all!

Byron Frongner said...
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Byron Frongner said...

I have submitted my contact info several times and am still getting request for it. Also, my name is still on the not found list. Is there a problem with the contact links?