Monday, July 13, 2009

Group Pictures

Here are the group pictures taken at the class reunion at the park and at the dinner. We tried to grab everybody at the picnic before they left, but unfortunately we didn't get everyone that came. There were also various children and spouses still playing on the playground, but this is a pretty good sample of those that made it. A special thanks to Randy Tinker for bringing his awesome camera and taking these pictures! Scroll down for a slide show of the rest of the pictures.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

10-Year Class Reunion!

Our 10-year class reunion turned out great! We had a family picnic at the Rigby City Park where everyone mingled and caught up on one another's past 10 years. There were a lot of kids running around the playground with spouses chasing after them while the graduates renewed old friendships and acquaintances. We had a really good turn out and want to thank everyone who made the effort to come. It was great to see everyone! Later in the evening, we had a dinner at the Red Lion Convention Center. After some mingling and learning new things about each other, we posed for a group picture before diving into a delicious meal. Our class president, Natalie Kennedy, was our emcee for the evening, handing out awards and prizes to a few lucky people. We "coerced" Craig Williams into taking over for the next class reunion and he, and many others who volunteered to help, are planning already. Enjoy the pictures and keep checking for updates. We hope to see ALL of you in 5 years!!